January 2021 – Updates



Welcome to 2021 and the start of the Florida Legislative Session! We are excited to jump into action and have several ways you can help.

Remember, the National Popular Vote bill is non-partisan. Both Republicans and Democrats are supporting it. You might enjoy this recording of a conservative making the case for a National Popular Vote.

Since the majority of Florida legislators are Republican, we need them to understand that the compact does not abolish the Electoral College. Instead, it maintains the states’ rights to direct their electors. All Floridians for NPV efforts are best served when we are knowledgeable, respectful and grateful to our legislators.


A special thanks to Senator Lori Berman, District 31, for role-playing with us on January 7. While she played legislator, our co-communications manager, Cynthia Archbold, volunteered to present the National Popular Vote to her. A lively exchange ensued, illustrating what it’s like when you have a busy legislator firing questions at you!




Thank you!

Deb Mazzafarro

Co-founder & Strategist




Number 1: Track the House Bill #39


The NPV Compact has been assigned House Bill #39 and sent to two committees, Public Integrity and Elections and Judiciary. Follow the links to view the members of each committee.

You can track the bill by using a handy tool, click here.

Number 2: Thank our Co-Sponsors

We already have three co-sponsors:
Anna Eskamani, District 47;blank
Michael Grieco, District 113 and
Carlos Guillermo Smith, District 49.

Follow the links to send them an email message!




Number 3: Every Tuesday is Talk to Your Legislator Day


blankJoin our new private Facebook Group, started by Angie Wegner, to mobilize Floridians. She’ll be providing specific instructions for you to be an activist for our cause especially during the next three months while our legislators are in committee and then in session.

Number 4: Write to Your Legislators

The National Popular Vote website has a very handy tool with several email templates.


All you need to do is enter your zip code and choose one of the suggested letters in support of NPV to send to your legislator. You can edit or write your own if you are feeling creative!

[Check out the monthly In the News for interesting phrases and figures, used in various news articles, that you can adapt to your letters]

Number 5: Forward our New Video


Shore up your knowledge of NPV and introduce friends, family and your legislators to the National Popular Vote by forwarding this link!


Number 6: Book a Speaker

Have Zoom, will travel! We have Subject Matter Experts available to speak to your group or accompany you to your meeting with your legislator. Just ask!