December 2019 – Deck the Halls of Tallahassee Postcard Signing Party!

Many HUGE thank you to all in Palm Beach County who volunteered to write heartfelt NPV messages to Florida Statehouse Representatives serving on committees who will decide whether to hear legislation in January!
Thanks to Barry Trilling, Anne Kruse, Marsha Katz, Phyllis Malmuth, Carole Berger and her wonderful SEE members.

These postcard parties are happening across the state on behalf of Floridians for NPV!
Thanks to all on our core team for your help on the database and our list of representatives.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow—POSTCARDS! I hear their having a blizzard in Tallahassee!
Best to you all!!!!

Cynthia Archbold
Director, Floridians for National Popular Vote

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Postcards on their way to the Post Office