October 2021 Updates

National Popular Vote Filed in Florida

Representative Joseph Geller filed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact for the 2022 Legislative Session. House Bill #69 is assigned to The Public Integrity and Elections Committee and the Judiciary Committee. Follow the links to see who is on the committees. We encourage you to reach out to these representatives in support of the National Popular Vote.

Senator Victor Torres filed the National Popular Vote Interstate compact for the 2022 Legislative Session. It’s assigned Senate Bill #584.

You can get involved!

The Path to Getting a National Popular Vote for President Goes through Michigan

The Yes On National Popular Vote campaign in Michigan is a key step to achieving the national goal of guaranteeing the Presidency to the candidate who gets the most popular votes in all 50 states and DC.

This is the first time a citizen-initiated petition has launched a state-wide campaign to pass the National Popular Vote.

Why Michigan? Why now?

The NPV bill was introduced in 2006, and now has 195 of the 270 electoral votes committed by 16 jurisdictions. By going directly to the people, Michigan can add their 15 Electoral Votes to the total.

Not every state allows this type of citizen-driven initiative. Michigan does.

You can tell your friends in Michigan about the bill. You can donate to fund the 340,000+ signatures that are needed. And you can volunteer when we need phone banking next October and November.

Michael Steele Lectures on November 8th (Zoom & in person) and 9th (in person)

Michael Steele, former Republican Lt. Governor of Maryland, Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Political Analyst for Multiple Political Forums offers a lecture on the national popular vote for president. Bio here.

Where: FAU Osher Lifelong Learning Auditorium
When: November 9, 2021 at 2 PM ET

Tickets Available Here
Exclusive Mavericks & Heroes event for League of Women Voters Members only: November 9 at 12 PM ET @ FAU: Details here

Prefer to Zoom?

Michael Steele will also speak at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches

When: November 8, 2021 at 12 PM ET (in-person event starts at 11)
Zoom Tickets: Details here.

Learn More: Webinars and Recordings on NPV

A list of upcoming and previously recorded training sessions are here.