June 2019 – Updates from the Chair

Several states are making strong progress towards passing NPVIC legislation. We are optimistic that the states in this ‘second wave’ of NPVIC passage will serve to prod other legislatures to seriously consider the bill (including our own!) Thank you all for your continuing support and efforts.

NPVIC Bills Progress Across the Country

Oregon: After more than five years of concerted and coordinated effort, Oregon finally passed NPVIC bills in the House and Senate, with Governor Kate Brown signing the bill on June 12, 2019. With passage in Oregon, 16 states have now passed NPVIC bills bringing the total electoral votes to 196, with only 74 more needed to activate the compact nationally. As in many other states, the League of Women Voters was acknowledged as critical in getting the bill passed in the Oregon legislature.

Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signs NPV Bill. Left to right, are National Popular Vote chair John Koza, political consultant Eileen Reavy, National Popular Vote president Barry Fadem, and Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, D-Astoria.

With Oregon having passed and signed NPVIC legislation, national popular vote bills have been enacted in 16 jurisdictions, comprising the current 196 electoral votes.

Maine:  Maine is very close to passing NPVIC legislation.   Although it has been passed in Senate and House, there are some procedural votes which could reverse its final outcome. Once passed, the Bill will be sent to Maine’s Governor for signature.

With Oregon having passed and signed NPVIC legislation, national popular vote bills have been enacted in 16 jurisdictions, comprising the current 196 electoral votes.  Unfortunately, the map below does not show Oregon as green but it happened just last week.   National Popular Vote status

National Popular Vote Caucus at the LWV Florida Biennial Convention

Over 40 delegates to the LWV Florida Biennial Convention attended the NPV Caucus on Friday, June 7th. Jonathan Perloe, LWV Connecticut, gave a presentation on that state’s success in passing NPV last year.

National Popular Vote Florida

Learning what has worked in other states was of great interest to the Florida delegates who attended the NPV Caucus….

National Popular Vote Florida

Jon Perloe of Connecticut LWV answers questions about NPV

National Popular Vote Florida

Marcia Herman shares some thoughts about NPV and its prospects in Florida

National Popular Vote Florida

The Florida NPV leadership team from left to right, Pat Flynn, Jon Perloe, Marcia Herman, Cynthia Archbold, Kathleen Crampton, and Deb Mazzaferro.

John Koza, Founder and President of National Popular Vote, Inc. was interviewed on National Popular Radio on Monday, June 10th by Josh Johnson on A-1. In addition to John, Tara Ross a well-known lawyer who opposed NPV was also interviewed. Taking emails and calls from listeners, Josh aired all the typical questions that many of us hear as we give presentations on NPV.

Constitution Days to Focus on National Popular Vote

The LWVFL National Popular Vote is partnering with several academic organizations to sponsor their Constitution Day celebrations. Held annually around September 18, each college or university which receives federal funds is required to sponsor an event that focuses on a topical issue related to the Constitution. The LWVFL is supporting these efforts by bringing in expert speakers on National Popular Vote. A number of local Leagues are working to set up these forums, with three confirmed to date.

  • Key Largo Cultural Center, National Constitution Day
    Monday, September 16th 6:00 reception; 7-9 pm program
    Contacts: Linda Kaplan lk@linakaplan.com
  • Florida Gulf University, Fort Myers, Florida
    Tuesday, September 17th, evening (exact time to be determined)
    Contacts: Jan Lonsdale lonsdajk@gmail.com; Murray Newton Donald_the@yahoo.com
  • Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
    Wednesday, September 18th, 3:00 pm
    Contacts: Cynthia Archbold carchbold1@gmail.com; Kevin Wagner, PhD, JD Kevin.wagner@gmail.com

If you are interested in helping with these events please call the contact names listed.
If you want to organize an event in your neighborhood, please contact, Marcia Herman, marciavotes@gmail.com, or Kathleen Crampton at krcrampton@gmail.com.